The Daybreak Project

A gathering of people whose lives have been affected by someone’s use and misuse of substances. We gather together to share our experiences, our struggles and our successes as we navigate the many challenges we face as a result of another’s substance use.

Caring about someone who struggles with substance abuse is hard, very hard.

Addiction harms the one who struggles with substance abuse. But the denial, stigmatization and silence felt by family and friends encourages the difficulties to stay hidden. Support and openness create opportunities for engagement and growth.

An Overview

The Daybreak Project is designed for friends and family members – not the person in the midst of addiction.

We create an atmosphere of anonymity and confidentiality.

Simply join us at one of our Zoom gatherings and engage only as much as you want to. You won’t be forced to participate and you won’t be singled out if you simply want to sit in the back and listen. There is no membership, no fee, nothing to sign and nothing to provide.

Sometimes we will have a professional provide specific knowledge and solutions for various needs. Often those needs will be expressed by the group. Presenters have included a police officer, a physician, a trauma therapist, a family therapist, a member of the clergy and a life coach.

How It Began

The Daybreak Project was born in 2017 when one family reached out for help because a loved one was struggling with substance abuse. That family met around their kitchen table and explored three questions.

As a result, their loved one went to treatment and began a life of recovery.

These are the questions which have become our guiding focus:

  • What do you see?
  • What do you fear?
  • What do you hope for?

Our gatherings reserve safe space for people to answer those questions and hear solutions. We at The Daybreak Project believe that we help each other by sharing and listening. Each one teach one is our model. Click here to learn more about when and where we meet.