A night of HOPE!

We held our first gathering of the new year last night.  Sixteen people arrived and it was a joy to watch everyone reconnect and welcome each other to another Daybreak gathering.  We had two new attendees so we started the evening by introducing ourselves and sharing briefly why we were there.

The sharing was rich and engaging.  And “hopeful” too, as we discussed in heartfelt detail four distinct (yet in some ways the same) real life/real time situations.  As a group we explored strategies in addressing those difficult scenarios. Themes of setting limits, expectations and boundaries were common.  We also explored the difference between “consequences” and “punishment”.

In each case, the presenter of their story thanked the group for it’s collective insight, born out of the group’s experiences.  As one participant shared with me as he was leaving: “What a great meeting and it felt like people left tonight with a sense of hope!”

It was a night filled with hope!

If you would like more information about the meeting or the information we went over, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. My phone number, e-mail address and a confidential e-mail submission form are all on the Contact page of this website.


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