A Father and Son’s Journey

Last night we were fortunate to have a father and son share with us their journey, with all its ups and downs, as the son found his way into treatment and recovery from alcoholism.  It was a powerful night loaded with takeaways that resonated with all our families present. 

Chief among them were:

  • Setting clear boundaries and expectations, especially in regards to whether an actively using loved one could continue to live in the home. A difficult decision for any parent to make, but often times the proven leverage point needed to interrupt the status quo.
  • Even when the son was not living at home, the value of staying connected, as best as possible, was key to the son reaching out to ask for help when he was ready.
  • The importance of continued support when the son entered into treatment and the healing and forgiveness that was allowed to happen over time. 

Stories continue to have a way of connecting us to each other and make room for support and compassion.  It was a night of honest, vulnerable sharing and the group was deeply moved.  The display of hope, generated by the balanced acts of boundaries and continued connection, helped pave the way for recovery. We are grateful!


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