While it may have taken weeks, months or years before your loved one’s substance use developed into a significant problem, at some point you come to realize that you need to do something different. The mysteries of how to navigate the maze of personal, legal, physical, societal and relational consequences of your loved one’s using is now squarely on your shoulders.

This is your Daybreak moment.

There are any number of support/treatment groups for addicts. But families and friends affected by the addict’s destructive behaviors have far fewer resources. Some people have been there before, however, and their experience is an invaluable resource that you may not have known about.

That’s why we’ve built a “coffee at the kitchen table” group where people can pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and be with others dealing with similar challenges.

Often family and friends have no resources for answers to such pressing questions as:

  • What if my loved one lands in jail?
  • How do I move someone toward treatment?
  • How do I set realistic boundaries and expectations? And just as important, how do I stick to them?
  • In what ways am I enabling the continuation of their behavior?
  • More basically, how do I deal with the shame and isolation so I can even begin to talk about our situation?

Addiction continues to be a growing problem in the Fox Cities. Perhaps this group of networked, caring folks can provide resources, reassurance and comfort to those who must, none-the-less, deal with the impact of addiction in their lives.

This is our purpose.