Helpful Resources

We understand that the road ahead may feel overwhelming, like a giant canyon to be crossed. For that reason, in addition to our monthly gatherings, we offer here both local and national resources that may support you on your journey.

  • Listen to this Breakwater Podcast with Jamie Loehnis and Daybreak family member, Jean, who  loves someone who struggles with substance use. She found The Daybreak Project and explains how her participation helped her family.
  • From TEDx, Wasted: Exposing the Family Effect of Addiction, is an excellent 15 minute talk by a young woman whose brother was diagnosed with the disease of addiction. Sam Fowler and her family had to change the way they lived their lives. In her talk, she tells about her experiences suffering from “the family disease.”
  • From TEDx, Life is Messy: Let’s Stop Pretending It’s Not, When confronted with challenge, it’s natural to try to hide our discomfort. This talk explores the benefit of the opposite approach – accepting and sharing the discomfort that comes with challenges in life.
  • From WHBY radio: The Daybreak Project with Hayley Tenpas beginning at minute 8:00 – It’s a group gathering together around the kitchen table, with one thing in common – their lives have been affected by someone’s use and misuse of substances. We’re joined by Jeff Jirschele with The Daybreak Project and recovery coach and advocate Jamie Loehnis, and a Daybreak participant, Jean.
  • From WHBY radio: The Daybreak Project with Dave Edwards – Jamie Loehnis and Jeff Jirschele join Dave to explain how the Daybreak Project began, what’s talked about at their meetings, and how and why you should attend.
  • From BOCO Recovery Center: What is a High-Functioning Alcoholic? A high functioning alcoholic (also simply known as a functioning alcoholic) is a person who is able to maintain a personal and professional (or academic) life while still having a psychological dependence on alcohol. Read on to learn the signs and how to interrupt the status quo.