The common thread

We had a heartfelt meeting tonight. We welcomed three new people to our group this evening. After introductions and our “veteran” members sharing their reasons for being part of Daybreak, our new members shared why they were with us this evening. Stories have a wonderful way of connecting us to each other because of the safe space Daybreak provides. While the details might be slightly different, it was clear the gist was unifying.

Every member present affirmingly nodded as our new members shared their stories. And, the tears shed were the tears that everyone in the room has shed, at one time or another, as they have lived through their own common story.

The power of Daybreak comes from each other, in essence, the wisdom of “been there, done that” and the willingness to be vulnerable and share their own experience, strength and hope with each. It was a great evening, it was a love evening. Folks needing and wanting to share from their heart and letting the sunsetting light of the evening shine on a most difficult topic, that is, loving someone who is struggling with a substance use problem.  

If you would like more information about the meeting or the information we went over, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. My phone number, e-mail address and a confidential e-mail submission form are all on the Contact page of this website.


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